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I empower organizations to create enjoyable, efficient and valuable customer experiences.

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Put Customers first!

Customer in the Center

Organizations that put customers and users first in their strategy and operations, consistently outperform traditional competitors. The projects illustrate my work on Customer Centricity as an attitude, skillset and process to support teams and organizations, on UX Design with a focus on products and digital touchpoints, and on Branded CX as an approach to unify all customer interactions in one consolidated approach.

Empower Organizations!


Besides customer centricity, there are some additional levers that can help organizations strengthen their performance and resilience. Here you find projects on three of them: Digitization helps to enable scalability at a lower cost and with higher customer satisfaction. Agility helps organizations grow without losing speed and focus, while enabling teams to take on more accountability. Leadership helps in providing purpose and guidance to employees, as well as in aligning goals & objectives across the entire organization.  

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