eBusiness UX Blueprint

Development of a Design System and UI-Specifications for core Telco eBusiness Journeys (Sales & Service) for international use

Task: Development of a design system and set of User Interface specifications to support and grow the company's European subsidiaries' eBusiness offerings. Support of subsidiaries in applying the design system & specifications in local platform projects.

My roles: Product Owner for UX Blueprint, Agency Coordination, UX Research Planning, Localization & Implementation Support

Skills applied: User Research, UX Prototyping & Design, UI Specification, iterative UX Testing, Design System Development, Agile UX Design

European eBusiness UX Blueprint

Our unit‘s role was to support European subsidiaries in adopting eBusiness and Digitization. In one of the projects, we developed a User Experience Blueprint for the core Telco eBusiness processes in Sales and Service. By gathering requirements internationally and also testing concepts with users in different countries, we were able to define a standardized concept that suited the majority of functional and user requirements, and only required a small level of localization and customization. By investing in this effort once and centrally we saved the local subsidiaries a lot of duplicate effort and cost, while also supporting re-use of new concepts across countries.

Localization & Implementation Support

The UX Blueprint was rolled out in several countries as part of local development initiatives. During these projects, the base concept was localized and often functionally extended to support local requirements. Usually, this only accounted for 20-30% of the overall conceptual work, thus saving each subsidiary time and cost for UX research, design, and testing. The resulting platforms consistently met their business goals in terms of adoption and conversion, helping the overall goal to drive eBusiness in countries with a lower digital adoption rate.

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