Digitization Business KPIs

Develop & implement a Set of KPIs to drive Digitization in Customer-facing Touchpoints

Task: Identify target areas for further digitization. Analyze current degree of digitization in different customer processes. Implement KPIs allowing the definition of ambitions and monitoring of progress. Set up projects to drive further digitization in lagging processes.

My roles: Team Lead, Project Lead, Business Owner

Skills applied: Business Strategy, Digitization

Status Quo & KPI Development

When my company decided to strengthen their digital customer facing capabilities, we set up a measurement and management system for digitization across a number of customer processes. To start, we identified those customer processes that were most relevant both in terms of volume and degree of current digitization. We ended up selecting more than 10 different processes for which we started measuring the "digital transaction share" individually.  Over time, the index was upgraded to include more transactions and is currently undergoing redesign in order to map the components to the company's top level Customer Journeys, thus allowing an integrated view and digitization efforts geared towards specific journeys rather than a mere collection of transactions.

Implementation & Initiatives

After a first period of baselining, we identified the baseline and variability, calibrated the measurements and combined all of them  into one overarching KPI ("digitization share"), which was quickly adopted as one of the company's incentivized targets. Initially this KPI was mainly used for demonstrating our advancements in digitization, but when we found a strong dip in KPI performance that could be tracked back to a few sub-optimal capability areas, we  set up a company-wide initiative to safeguard the company goal by investing in IT capabilities as well as customer process optimization, ultimately bringing us back on track and meeting (actually exceeding) our annual targets.

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