Digital Operating Model (DOM)

Assess a Company's DOM regarding Quality of current Execution and Resilience.

Task: Develop an analysis and assessment model for different dimensions of digitization. Assess customer organization regarding current quality of execution and resilience to future developments of markets, customer base, technology, regulation and strategy. Derive measures to enhance readiness for potential risks and opportunities.

My roles: Project Team Member, Customer Liaison (MBA Final Project)

Skills applied: Corporate & Business Strategy, Business Modeling, Organization Analysis & Development, Digitization

Develop Model & Assessment Tool

The final project of my MBA program allowed me - together with a group of colleagues - to apply newly gained knowledge and skills to a company's Digital Operating Model. As a first step, we developed a format and structure to analyze and describe DOMs, consisting of five different "lanes" for Corporate Strategy, Creation of Value, Collaboration, Core Assets and Culture, ultimately resulting in the "5C DOM" name. Additionally, we developed two different assessment approaches, one for the quality of the current value generation, and another to assess the resilience of the DOM against expected and unforeseen developments in the future. Together, these allow to describe the DOM itself and to derive optimization measures based on current performance and resilience against future changes in internal and external factors.

Analyze Organization & recommend suitable Measures

We applied this model and assessment to a company, specifically their digital business unit. We therefore focused the assessment on business strategy aspects and not overarching corporate strategy. The analysis yielded a differentiated DOM with four different value streams and a multitude of supporting elements like partners, employees, data, culture, etc. While we found the current DOM execution to be fairly good (4-5 "stars"), we could identify several areas for better setting up the unit to be resilient regarding future developments. Based on this analysis, we also derived a set of suggested measures to strengthen the setup and making it more flexible, adaptable and thus future proof.

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