Customer Touchpoint Strategy

Develop a mid-term strategy for the evolution of customer touchpoints across all customer journeys

Task: Translate an overarching corporate CX Mission into a specific strategy for individual customer touchpoints (digital & assisted). Orchestrate touchpoint evolution and customer steering between touchpoints.

My roles: Project lead, Digital Touchpoint responsibility (Webshop, Apps, Webcare)

Skills applied: Customer Journey Operations, Digitization, Strategic Thinking, Service Design, Branded CX Design

Analysis and status-quo assessment of current customer touchpoints

Building on a newly developed Corporate CX Mission that defined CX ambitions for all relevant Customer Journeys of the company, the first step was to conduct a status-quo assessment of the existing customer touchpoints, focusing on their performance regarding business, efficiency and experience goals, which allowed to determine those touchpoints best and least suited to meet the CX and business ambitions. The resulting journey/touchpoint matrix allowed assessment of coverage and redundancies, as well as identification of potential lead and support channels for a new touchpoint strategy. The exercise also sharpened the understanding as to which touchpoint has particular strengths and weaknesses from business or customer perspectives.

Translate CX-Mission into actionable strategy for touchpoint evolution

In a second step, the CX mission and status quo assessment were used to define a target picture for a future touchpoint strategy, which indicates on one hand the lead and support channels (both digital and assisted) for customers to best experience a certain journey, and on the other hand to derive necessary transformations from the status quo to the target picture. The ongoing efforts now look to validate the touchpoint strategy's underlying assumptions regarding future customer needs and technology adoption, and to establish a set of initiatives to transition to the target picture. The latter includes evolution of existing touchpoint capabilities as well as active migration activities to steer customers to those channels best suited to meet their needs in different journeys.

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