Corporate CX Mission

Translate Brand Values and Corporate Strategy into CX Mission for the entire Set of Customer Journeys

Task: Develop a common CX Mission that defines ambitions and guardrails for all customer journeys, taking into account corporate strategy elements like digitization or customer-delight, as well as established brand values like simplicity, transparency and fairness.

My roles: Co-creator, overall project setup, responsibility for digital touchpoints, stakeholder management

Skills applied: CX Strategy, Service Design, Customer Journeys, Organizational Development, Corporate Strategy, Brand Strategy

Alignment between CX, Brand & Strategy

In order to define a Mission for a Branded Customer Experience, both the recently updated corporate strategy and the company brand values were used as a foundation for designing CX ambitions for different journeys along the customer lifecycle. Applying insights from existing and new research together with strategy elements (e.g. market positioning, sales and service approach) and brand values (e.g. fairness, transparency, simplicity), each core journey was assigned an experience ambition to guide the management and further evolution of the journey experience. The journey ambitions serve as input to both the management of customer journeys, and the definition of a customer touchpoint strategy.

Definition & validation of CX mission

Establishing a differentiated set of ambitions for different customer journeys, followed three steps.
First, the general "brand type" (Premium, Mass-market, Boutique, Convenience) was determined, allowing to define an overall baseline ambition. Secondly, high-level customer journeys were analyzed for their potential impact on customer and brand experience, resulting in a differentiated set of ambition levels for journeys with focus on friction-minimization vs. potential for excitement and loyalty. Thirdly (an ongoing), the resulting CX mission is undergoing further research and validation both internally with functional and corporate stakeholders, as well as externally with customers to ensure proper differentiation and calibration of the ambition levels.

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