Team-wide UX Certifications

Establish a common skill, knowledge & process base for the entire team to increase customer centricity in day-to-day work

Task: Drive customer-focus and -centricity in the team by training every team member in UX foundations, processes, methods & tools, and provide an officially recognized certification for individual career development.

My roles: Team lead, UX Expert

Skills applied: Goal-Setting, Personal Development, Coaching

Generating interest & need for education

The team had been responsible for the user experience of all digital customer touchpoints for several years, but the way in which projects and daily business had been run was still different depending on the team member working on the project. This had resulted in different levels of user centricity and thus UX quality in individual projects. In order to improve customer centricity and to align on a common framework and project approach, the team was given explicit and incentivized targets to work on their skillset and standardized team processes. When approaching this individually via trainings, conferences etc, the outcomes were still inconsistent, so the idea to set up a team-wide effort for training and process definition was positively received.

Set up training & encourage certification

The training was conducted by certified experts that were also recognized by the official UX certification body in Germany, so the training was focused both on establishing a high-quality methodological and process approach, and on providing team members with the opportunity to receive an official certification for their personal career development, thus increasing the individual motivation to work through the course content and to prepare for the certification test - which turned out to be harder than expected for quite a few team members. After completing the training & certification, the methods and processes became "common knowledge" in the team and were established more and more in projects and daily business, thus increasing the overall UX maturity and customer centricity.

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