Customer Journey Operations

Deploy a Customer-Journey based Management System to drive Customer Centricity throughout the Organization

Task: Drive customer-focus and -centricity in the organization by providing a stable management and information system combining customer journeys, data and insights in one central location. Establish Customer Journeys as core elements in the definition and development of customer experiences on all (digital and assisted) customer touchpoints.

My roles: Core team member (overall project setup, initial journey repository, role- and process-design), Customer Journey coach

Skills applied: Customer Journeys, Organizational Development, Customer Insights & Feedback

Cross-functional development of a Customer Journey Repository

In order to provide the entire organization with a reliable information & management system, the initial stage consisted of establishing a repository of key customer journeys in different levels of granularity (high-level, sub level, and micro journeys). For each journey, customer insights were collected (from existing and new research), pain points and alternative journey paths were identified, KPIs and measurement methods were established and the entire repository was maintained in a central CJ mapping tool with access for the relevant stakeholders, i.e. business owners, management and concept teams.

Organizational Process Setup and Roll-out

As a management system is only valuable when properly and consistently used, the build-up was supported by training and organizational development coordinated by a central core team. The entire CX unit and key stakeholders from other units were trained in CJ Operations by an external expert & coach, the newly established CJ teams were continuously coached by the core team and processes were added incrementally once a certain level had been reached by the CJ teams. The roll-out is still ongoing, the next step is extending the scope from the CX unit (current) to the whole organization.

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