Organizational Agility

Implement organizational agility throughout an entire company, beyond mere agile development.

Task: Maintain and improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency by implementing agile management, collaboration and decision processes. Implement overarching tools to allow joint ownership and decision processes. Assess status-quo regarding agile working, identify gaps and support alignment between different parts of the organization.

My roles: Transformation Team, Agile Coach

Skills applied: Agility, Organizational Development, Team Development, Coaching

Agile Tools and Processes

As part of the company goal to establish a more agile and flexible operational structure, a set of strategic tools and processes were developed that supported company-wide alignment and provided, transparency, joint priorities and focus on relevant initiatives and activities. One important element was a strategy map depicting all relevant success factors (both confirmed and potential) and indicating our current performance in meeting their expected outcomes, highlighting the need for additional corrective measures or initiatives. A second tool was a company-wide Kanban board that contained all cross-functional and strategic initiatives in a joint prioritization - this board was managed jointly by all managers in weekly meetings and provided a framework for the entire organization regarding focus and priorities for everybody's individual work.

Aligned Agile Collaboration

A second focus of Organizational Agility revolved around the agile maturity of individual teams in working and deciding in an agile way. An initial assessment showed varying levels of maturity across the organization, which resulted in the management to establish one of the five maturity levels as our overall target for cross-functional collaboration. Subsequently, all teams were tasked with working towards this common maturity level. Trainings were offered, teams were coached in workshops and other formats, and managers were supported in providing the right context for teams to evolve in maturity. By this, cross-functional collaboration and value generation was facilitated, as everybody had a similar idea of decision and operational processes and thus constant inter-team-alignment was reduced.

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